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Turkey is an astounding country with a rich and diverse history. At every turn the archaeological sights, stunning architecture and warmth of the locals surpass expectations. Turkey’s landscape is equally incredible with a stunning Mediterranean coastline, undulating mountains and the staggering scenery at Cappadocia.

Turkey has played host to many different civilisations during its long history, and it is therefore rich in historic treasures - among them Greek and Roman as well as Ottoman, Assyrian and Persian.

Visit melancholy Gallipoli with its moving tribute by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to the fallen ANZACs and other allied forces; the ancient fortifications of Troy; the extraordinary white terraces of Pamukkale; the 2000 year old rutted streets of Ephesus; pleasant coastal towns of Kusadasi and Izmir; the underground city of Kaymakli or villages rich with rock carvings and ancient churches built inside cliffs in Cappadocia.