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To enable travel booking so far ahead the best way to plan for your journey is to open a VIP Personal Travel Account as we discussed, enabling funds to be allocated to the fare when we see an airfare that is suitable to you and your budget.

This is a hassle free, easy way to build your funds at your own convenience. There are various ways you are able to deposit funds whichever way best suits you.

If you wish to deposit cash you can visit us at our Hanover St office, we also accept cheques made out to Vincent George Travel. You may prefer to bank electronically (internet banking), or by banking directly into our account at the ASB. Credit cards are also accepted should you wish to transfer funds to your VIP Personal Travel Account.

There are no set up or handling fees with a Vincent George VIP Personal Travel Account, all the funds are yours to use towards your travel expenses, held in a secure Trust account with our Head Office Brokerage Travel Managers Group based in Auckland.

Should you have a surplus of funds we can arrange to transfer into foreign exchange for you, receive the surplus back into your nominated account or if you have future travel plans you are welcome to transfer these to a new booking reference to begin saving for your next adventure.

Should any unforseen circumstance occur disenabling you to travel your funds can be returned to you if you have not had any travel expense paid for. If you have paid for travel and unable to proceed there may be some cancellation fees from the airlines however most of the money would be refundable as is the case with any travel booking. We recommend travel insurance is taken at the time of paying for your travel arrangements. Your funds can also be contributed towards anything travel related: Domestic or international travel, airfares, accommodation, rental cars, land and sea arrangements, travel insurance, foreign exchange.

Should a special occasion arise where friends and family are likely to purchase a gift for you what better way to suggest a contribution to your travel account! Takes the guess work out of purchasing plus you receive something useful.To open a Vincent George VIP Travel Account contact us at Vincent George Travel.