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New Caledonia


 A little piece of France in the Pacific! From coast to coast, New Caledonia, which stretches some 500 kilometres passing through the archipelago of Loyalty Islands, is home to surprising and remarkably diverse landscapes

In the southwest, Noumea, the economic heart of the country concentrating population and economic activity, is a European city in Melanesia. Pavement cafes, luxury boutiques and beaches shaded by palm trees give the city a French Riviera feel, while its relaxed atmosphere and wide blue skies add a touch of the Pacific.

Vibrant neighbourhood, beautiful bays, various museums... Noumea offers many activities to visitors wishing to enjoy themselves, to learn or to relax. French, Asian or Oceanic, New Caledonian cuisine reflects its mixed population, offering visitors a delicious, eclectic menu. Whether in Noumea, in the brousse (the bush) or on the islands, your trip to New Caledonia will also be a gastronomic journey.

The Isle of Pines is a 20 minute flight from Noumea. Untouched and breathtaking nature exposes deserted beaches, lined with small trails shaded by banyan trees and columnar pines. The lagoon, listed among the World Heritage Sites by Unesco, whose waters are of a blue that almost hurts the eyes. The natural pool of baie d’Oro (the Oro Bay) is unquestionably the best illustration of this beauty.

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